That’s easy. YOU make Columbia, Columbia. Thanks to you, 45 years later we still enjoy one of the most beautiful, clean, safe, fun and caring communities anywhere. What’s more, you help us plan and carry out initiatives that ensure Columbia stays the great place we all want it to be.


It’s not only that there are so many ways to enjoy this community, it’s that, thanks to you, we’re able to keep everything looking good. Helping us maintain all of the pools, outdoors and indoors, is just one way you make a difference. Of course, not everyone goes swimming, but that’s the real beauty of this community. There is something for everyone.

It’s as if you’re right there with us. You’re sitting on the mowers as we take care of 3,600 acres of open space. And you’re right there helping us clear snow, leaves and branches from 93.5 miles of pathways. You’re helping us reduce pollutants in 41 ponds and 85 acres of lakes, keeping the water fresh. And you’re why tons of kids’ camps and classes for all ages run smoothly year after year.


You keep us current, helping us bring energy- and money-saving ideas into all of our facilities - things like shower heads that conserve water, light bulbs that save power and even spin bikes that generate electricity.

Then there’s the future - something else you’re making possible. The list of "tomorrow" is impressive and important. We’ve just finished developing an Aquatics Master Plan that’s going to help our pools stand the test of time. We’re working on a project to develop Symphony Woods Park and transform it into an enhanced downtown setting. "Connecting Columbia" is an initiative that will make it easier to bike and walk throughout Columbia on the pathways and streets. Our new customer service software is installed and running. The availability of this online tool for residents and members will only improve the system. We’re doing village center master planning, watershed protection and restoration, and much more.

Our sights are not only set on maintaining the land and environment for residents today; we’re looking ahead to preserve and increase the quality of life in the future. You make both possible.


How is it that you help with all of this, plus assist with golf, tennis, skating, tot lots, art shows, teen programs, bridge upkeep and hundreds of other amenities? The annual charge you pay supplements the fees and revenues that Columbia Association (CA) brings in. Together, we get it all done. During FY 2014, the CA Board of Directors kept the annual charge rate at 68 cents; residents are charged 68 cents per $100 of valuation assessed on 50 percent of the fair market value of their home. What is sometimes forgotten is that this is how Columbia has been able to stay Columbia for nearly a half century. We were set up to be a self-sustaining community from the start.


Make no mistake, what you do makes a difference. You may also have questions about the annual charge, so we invite you to check out the answers supplied on this page. And if you’d like additional information, please contact us or call 410-715-3058. You can also visit the CA web site to find out everything CA has to offer.

Oh, and be sure to click on the icons on the right. You’ll learn more about all that you make possible.


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